Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Motivation

I'm Gumby Damn It!
Adam Levine

Even though it doesn't happen until Wednesday I am planting the seed of motivation today, Monday. "Yes" Monday Motivation for a Wednesday ayem yoga class. For some inexplicable reason I have missed hitting the mat for the past two weeks and I really need to go as yoga does wonders for me and my body, not to mention my mindset as well.

Thus I have enlisted the very flexible, not to mention agile, Adam Levine to give me the kick in the booty I need to reach the mat at 8 ayem Wednesday morning. 

While at this point and juncture I know I will never achieve Gumby flexibility like Adam, one of my goals is to become more so. 

My body does actually give more than it used to in the bending department than it did when I started my yoga journey. That's why I am kicking myself for missing it these past couple of weeks...Grrrrrrrrrr.

OK, my mind has been programmed I know I will be in a downward dog come Wednesday. Join me?

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