Saturday, May 18, 2019

Just Because...Amal Clooney

Ravishing in White
Amal Clooney
Just Because she keeps it real, Just Because she is intelligent for days and Just Because I dig her first name here is Amal Clooney!

Yeah I am liking myself some shiny pretty things this morning that take on the form of one bad ass human rights activist who is married to a ruggedly hot man - "Yes" she is also half of one of the most blindingly hot couples ever. Maybe that is a Just Because for another day?

Well here Amal is out strutting her stuff in London looking absolutely fabulous in a white dress. One would not expect anything less from this immaculate one.

Amal has it all, I made a rhyme just in time. Now don't start calling me Dr. Seuss because unlike him I'm on the loose!

Thus bask in the awesomeness that is Amal Clooney and enjoy the rest of your day, or not. Whatever I've got my own brand of awesome brewing.

Mic Drop!

Amal on Wikipedia -

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