Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Just Because... Evil Queens

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Bite Me!
Alec Baldwin & Olivia Wilde 
With the Pride Celebration that happened this past weekend in Los Angeles, somehow Evil Queens are on my mind..go figure. As evil as many Queens in Los Angeles can be, none will ever top (pun intended) the biggest bad ass of them all, Queen Grimhilde from Snow White

Thus I present to you Olivia Wilde as her royal evilness and Alec Baldwin as her magic mirror on the wall. As captured through famed photographer Annie Leibovitz's lens for an ad campaign for Disneyland.

That's correct boys this Evil Queen will do more than throw shade and give you two snaps. She will outright hunt your ass down and kill you. Killer Queens from Outer Space, now there's a movie I would go see!

So Just Because Queens are on my mind, it does not mean they can't be deliciously evil fun. Instead of snarky and lame.

Mic Drop!

The "Evil Queen" on Wikipedia -

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