Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pretty In Polka Dots, Natalie Portman

Shopping From A-Z
Natalie Portman
Because it's award season, because she is earning raves for her performance as Jacqueline Kennedy, because she can rock a polka dot dress, because she's well, Natalie Portman for Taco Tuesday's sake!

Ms. Portman, Natalie if your nasty was snapped out and about very pregnant and shopping in Los Feliz, CA. See the bag in her hand that says Skylight? That is actually the name of an awesome book store nestled in among the many hipster shops and restaurants in this area of Los Angeles

Yes, I have been there, that's how I know.

This photo also serves me as a reminder that I have to see Natalie in Jackie, everyone I know says she is amazing in the film and the film itself isn't too shabby either. She is sure to nab a Best Actress Nomination come Oscar time. 

Happy Saturday Peeps and be proud of your polka dots
Jackie online at:‎  

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