Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who Is That Masked Man???

The Mummy Starring
John Stamos
Seriously, I would have never guessed it was John Stamos behind the mask. He's pretty mummified, thus it's too hard to really tell who it is.

That being stated, while I never found Stamos attractive when he was younger, ever since he has hit his 50's he has really come into his own and well, yeah, the guy is hotter than he has ever been. There I said it now leave me alone.

I'm going to have to do some detective work to find out what he masks his face with because whatever the magical elixir is, it is doing a bang up job! Love to keep what I have looking fresh in my 50's too.

Well I am off to spin soon at Gold's Gym Hollywood, yep, that's the way I roll on Sunday mornings, however you roll have a groovy day!!!

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