Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Belle is a Better Role Model Than Cinderella"

Ring My "Belle"
Emma Watson
Never did I think the day would come when I would take seriously a case being made that Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a better role model than their Cinderella is.

But and however, when the person presenting the evidence is one Ms. Emma Watson I listen. Her opinions are articulate, intelligent and immaculately stated. 

Ms. Watson actually turned down the role of the glass slipper losing princess in Kenneth Branagh's film, who was ultimately portrayed by Lily Collins. She was then offered Beauty and the Beast. The character of Belle resonated with her so much more. 

Here is the reason she feels Belle trumps Cindy any given day (source E!Online):

Watson argues Belle is a much better "role model" than Cinderella. "She remains curious, compassionate and open-minded. And that's the kind of woman I would want to embody as a role model, given the choice," she explains. "There's this kind of outsider quality that Belle had, and the fact she had this really empowering defiance of what was expected of her. In a strange way, she challenges the status quo of the place she lives in, and I found that really inspiring. She manages to keep her integrity and have a completely independent point of view. She's not easily swayed by other people's perspective—not swayed by fear-mongering or scapegoating."

Well, you can't argue this now, can you? You can try, but...

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