Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Schwing! Jon Hamm

You Can Leave Your Tie On
Jon Hamm
For some reason this weekend I am in Schwing mode, which means, well you get the drift...

Seeing this photo of Jon Hamm made me have Mad Men yearning, I really miss that show it was simply one of the best. Due in no small part to Hamm's spot on portrayal of Don Draper and how damn hot he looks in a suit.

Only Jon Hamm can make wearing a suit into some of the hottest foreplay ever. No one wears a three piece and a tie and works it like him.

Here he is unveiling the 100 Greatest NHL Players in Los Angeles and looking quite dapper, not to mention lickable. Makes you want to unleash the Kraken, no?

Schwing baby it's Sunday!

Jon on IMDB:

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