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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Michael's Musings

Get The Look
Michael Shinafelt
"This is the book I never read, These are the words I never said, This is the path I'll never tread, These are the dreams I'll dream instead" - Why, Annie Lennox

Since I am still on the mend from surgery and will be for a spell it gives one time to ponder ones stuff. I have been loving the forced upon me break from the world around me. I have been told by friends I seem much lighter. Well they are correct, I am. 

PS I took the selfie for this weeks column a few minutes ago. Gotta think of some things I can do to keep in shape whilst at home any input is welcome 😎

The only film I was looking forward to seeing this summer is finally here - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood... you know where I'll be for part of this weekend.

Why is that man's booty so interesting???

Insane thy name is Camille Grammer 

When the moon hits your eye, beat it down!

If your cup of coffee was a sex organ, would you add milk or sugar? Asking for a friend...

Watched Funny Games with Naomi Watts & Tim Roth last night. Quite disturbing I must say, and I just did.

Printed napkins are an abomination, only white ones are utilized in my presence

Woman Crush of the Week - Margot Robbie all the way - Woot!!!

Anyone else naked right now?

My beauty secret? Cursing like a sailor 

If you don't have anything nice to say, go sit next to the rattlesnake on the far left. The one on the far right is deaf.

Transparent Social Media Manipulation of the day: #ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter, uh, yeah, right.

It's too darn hot

Stick a snow cone in your butt

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful at: