Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3 Women

Heist Ho, Heist Ho
l-r Sarah Paulson, Rihanna & Sandra Bullock
We've made it to the middle, Happy Hump Day! To get you over "The Hump" I bring you an image of 3 women from the set of Ocean's Eight in New York City

The 3 women being Sarah Paulson, Rihanna & Sandra Bullock. Yes the gang is all here, literally since that is what the movie is about a gang of women who pull off a heist.

Will the finished product be a hit or a miss? Fingers crossed for the former rather than the later, with all the estrogen power they've got for this endeavor it would be a shame if it were wasted on anything less than an terrific escapist time at the movies.

Ciao and have a good one!

Ocean's Eight on IMDB:  

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