Thursday, December 14, 2017

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt
While I am still reveling in my weight loss and leaner body a new reason to celebrate came along. That's right kiddies, Doug Jones defeated notorious pedophile Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama! Woo Hoo! Get up and boogie!

In other Birthday is this coming Monday, the earth is still round and Christmas draws nigh. In a world of turmoil it's nice to know there are some things that never change and there are some things that can and should.

It's time for a happy dance!

I've met God, she's black

Celebrating the return of my cheekbones, oh how I've missed them!

Vanderpump Rules is back. It's hard to like any of these people. Seriously, I could call them all out, but how about saying there is only one of them I can stand: La La Kent and of course Queen Lisa Vanderpump herself.

While on the subject of Bravo reality shows, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back this Tuesday...Yay! 

Please go get in a clown costume and be super cheerful and happy

This hole is my bitch!

Share your best bad boy walk

Yesterday was the Birthday of one of my partners in crime Maresa Wickham. "Yes" I wished her a HBD then, but thought it would be fun to give her a more public shout out, so there!

Mailed out all of my Christmas cards

Boxing tonight, it is a really meditative experience for me 

Omarosa is leaving her position at the White House as Trump's Chief Adviser on African-American issues. I forgot she was even there to do that job. Think about that comment, but not too much.

Blessed are the cheese makers. Without Brie I would be nothing!

11 more days until the Big C!

It's my Birthday soon, follow me if you want to at:

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