Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Throwback Thursday
Moi Blonde
Michael Shinafelt
"Because I'm blonde I don't have to think, I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks" -  "Cause I'm A Blonde" Julie Brown 

Once upon a time as illustrated in the above image, I was Motherf#cking blonde. Now I don't have any hair to really speak of, but I could still go blonde with what's left. 

Yeah, it's been one of those F#cking weeks, it's time to hit it bitches!

"If I won the Super Lotto I would travel and be drunk all the time" - My Uber driver last night, should the drunk part have worried me???

Best Wishes to Demi Lovato - I'm rooting for you girl!

Unless your name is Arnold Horshack...

This is the girl, because I said so

Eat Me 

You don't know if you want to hit me, or lick me. I get that a lot

My tears are of joy and really spicy Thai 

We Don't Lick People - Lies Adults Tell Children

Everything you are going thru is preparing you for what you asked for

Seeing Mulholland Drive this Saturday with Naama Kates up on the roof at The Montalban in Hollywood - can't wait!

When the going gets tough imagine you're a virgin who can't drive 

There's always room for one more honey 

Feelings and how to destroy them

Be the baddest unicorn in the whole galaxy

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