Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bad Ass - Justin Trudeau

Human Rights
Justin Trudeau & Antoni Porowksi
When Rolling Stone Magazine ran the cover story on Justin Trudeau proclaiming "Why Can't He Be Our President?" I definitely felt the yearning for just that. America really does deserve someone, and something better than our current dictatorship. 

"Yes" Trudeau is easy on the eyes too. Good looking and have you seen those images online, ya know the close ups of his supple bubble...OK I digress, his looks and booty are just a bonus. 

Just when you thought Justin couldn't get any more bad ass witness him riding in the Montreal Pride Parade alongside Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski.

I'm not sure exactly what Canadians think of Trudeau's overall leadership, one thing is for sure he is obviously a Human Rights advocate and that is something I can get behind. Not like our current state of affairs where we have a leader who thinks no one should have any rights, except Straight Rich Caucasian Males.

I leave you with this Tuesday Thought -

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity" Nelson Mandela 

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