Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Photo Bomb!

How Many Tongues Do I Give???
Michelle Williams, Salma Hayek, BusyPhilipps
With all the strife in the world there is one bomb that is a fun kind, "Yes" minions it's photo bomb time!

Today's fun loving bomb comes courtesy of Busy Philipps, ya know Michelle Williams BFF. Along with her caption: “World’s greatest/most beautiful photo bomber" - that would be a reference to one Ms. Salma Hayek.

This was of course at the Oscars, naturally.

Why this photo bomb, why not another? Because this one made me smile it was so damned fun! Hey who doesn't like beautiful women acting silly?

I ask you? Really I am asking you. Please gimme an answer. I'm waiting...

Michelle on IMDB:

Salma on IMDB:

Busy on IMDB:

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