Monday, April 17, 2017

Hellbent For Leather - Lady Gaga

Obey Everything I Say
Lady Gaga
While most of us celebrated Easter by having brunch with friends or feasting with family, a handful of others trekked to the California desert to attend the Coachella music festival which was headlined by the one and only Lady Gaga.

Our Lady of Gaga debuted her new single "The Cure" there much to the delight of her fans. Trust me I know first hand they were delighted because, you know, the postings on Facebook about the ditty were nothing short or orgasmic. 

Looking like a dominatrix might have helped put the song over with the audience too. Hey it's Gaga she can do whatever she wants and does.

Personally leather is my look and I can understand the Lady being hellbent for it. Leather it does a body good, especially if you are _____ the blank is yours to fill in, I'm just the tease.

It's Monday time to get on with it and get over it, it's time to bend it like Lady Gaga


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