Monday, April 10, 2017

Stranger Things, Monsterpalooza

The Odd Couple
Ann Robinson & Ron Jeremy

This past weekend an event that is stranger than fiction and on the edge of glory took place in Pasadena, CA. Prepare thy self for Monsterpalooza!

Monsterpalooza celebrates the art of monsters and movie magic. Which brings me to the stranger than fiction part of the event.

Call it When Ann Met Ron or Two Worlds Collide, or whatever your devilish little heart desires. The palooza brought together classic War of the Worlds (1953) star Ann Robinson and an all together unique kind of creature Ron Jeremy. Ron in case you aren't aware is famous for the giant monster inside his pants, a porn star!

When I saw this image of beauty and the hedgehog come through on my Facebook feed via Ann's son, musician Estefan Bravo, well being a giver I just had to post it to kick off the week.

On that note, enjoy your Monday and if you are observant, Happy Passover!

Ann on IMDB:

Ron on IMDB: 

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