Friday, April 7, 2017

Behold...Hot Pink Satan!

Here To Give U A H A N D
Hot Pink Satan
Bet  you thought you'd never see a byline like this, ever, am I right? You know I am, well since the reality is that you have let me extrapolate.

There's a new band walking the earth and they call themselves, you guessed it - Hot Pink Satan!

Here is the 411 from the mouth of the Pink Lords of Hell:

"Clea Cutthroat, Allinaline & James Lynch. Hot Pink Satan is a dark electronic adventure into the sparkling flames of a hot pink hell. Eating up beats with a fork n' knife."

Their first single & video H A N D dropped yesterday, here to tell us all about it is the Dark Mistress of Pink, Clea Cutthroat! 

MS: Tell how HPS was born, was it bloody?

CC: HPS was born at a secret space station, that uses a Drag bar as a front in Pittsburgh. The birthing process involved a lot of blood, milk, and glitter...a lot of glitter. Glitter never leaves, and neither will Hot Pink Satan 😉

MS: HPS is described as " a dark electronic adventure into the sparkling flames of a hot pink hell" extrapolate please

CC: Well, we like to think of HPS as an experience. We don't live in a box, and neither should anyone else. We're electronic and evil, but we'll still throw some glitter on ya, and buy you a cocktail in the morning.  

MS: The first HPS single bears the ominous title HAND, should one be afraid?

CC: Haha! We're gonna leave you in suspense there. Hands are magical extremities that can do so many awesomely cruel and delicious things. I'll let you be the judge of that. But, I'm gonna plate my hand in gold and call it "baby" 😉  
Hand Job
Heather Jingles Meek
MS: Awesome make-up for the first single! I assume HPS's look will always be unique to each baby it drops?

CC: Thank you! Heather Jingles Meek did our makeup. ( She is an incredible makeup artist based out of Pittsburgh. We have been dying to work with her and the timing was perfect! Yes, you can definitely expect that everything we release will be a new artistic every song is anyways. I really love being able to dive into the visuals and storytelling. You can be anything, do anything. Magic's in the makeup, and the vision beats deeply in our cold black hearts 😉

MS: What does HPS like to do for fun?

CC: We love to drink with drag queens, play with punks, shop for eyeliner with goths, interrupt drum circles, and dine in dungeons.

                                                                H A N D

They're Hot, They're Pink, They're Satan, Get Over It!

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