Thursday, April 6, 2017

Michael's Musings

On Thursdays We Wear Blue Plaid Sleeveless Shirts
Michael Shinafelt
This has been a monster of a week, my schedule has been so hectic that I am going to take a vacation and pack the bags under my eyes. Kidding, maybe, or perhaps not.

Luckily this means I am cutting to the chase, I'm going to do it and do it now!!!

Barry Manilow officially comes out. Whatever, queen please.

Is Kendall Jenner at a protest or a swap meet? I can't tell...

Personally I hate episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where they are eating caviar. Yes, I am jealous the hunger is real.

Don't call me a c#nt, I lack that kind of depth and warmth

It's a long & nappy road
Hot Pink Satan
Congratulations to my friend Clea Cutthroat the virgin single with her band Hot Pink Satan drops today it's called: H A N D - an interview is coming tomorrow here on Entertain Me, duh!

Also another well deserved kudo to my friend Naama Kates whose film Sorceress will be shown at the White Nights Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia this month

In case you didn't know I am the true leader of the Smurfs

Iavanka Trump, Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump - say her name three times in a mirror and an ignorant, complicit white woman of privilege will come and sabotage other women's rights.

Quote of the Week: "Toddlers are literally named after how dumb they look when they walk" - Faith Choyce, Comedian

Pony Boy = He's my boy and I ride him

When in doubt, use silly string

Someday my Prick will come, let's hope it's soon, Daddy needs some beauty sleep.

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