Thursday, May 17, 2018

Michael's Musings

Michael Says, Relax...
Michael Shinafelt
What's happening minions I'm back for this weeks edition of Michael's Musings...Ooooops, I'm doing it again! 

There is one really specific thing on my mind of late. Me being fabulous over fifty, being that I have lost 41lbs! I am down to 172 from 213 - suck on that! Time to address adventures in being bad ass and other things, it's time to keep moving...!

Breaking News! A beautiful, super in love couple named Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are getting hitched Saturday! (OK, not breaking news, unless you have been living in a cave)

Yesterday before yoga I went to weigh in and the scale registered I was 178! I almost cried, until it hit me that I still had my yoga mat and gym bag in my hands. Yep! I'm still status quo.

Did lunch at Wahlburgers on the Sunset Strip with Ms. Jackie Kilmer & Mr. Ken Phillips Tuesday. Always skirting the edge of glory.

Whatever happened to Faye Ray?

Do you know why I am nicknamed the "Disco Stick?"

Hello my trick

Jennifer Garner needs to stop asking "What's in your wallet" because one day someone will let her know.

Dear Wine, it's me Michael

Hitting The Mat @ Gold's Gym Hollywood
Michael Shinafelt
911 - help I have become addicted to something I used to hate, yoga! PS Gold's Hollywood, U R Welcome for the free plug, again!

To my friend Maresa Wickham - "Fail" 

Just saw Meghan Markle's half sister is hospitalized with a broken ankle on E!Online. The only way this is news is if Meghan went all Tonya Harding on her ass!

Twitter Trolls, discuss -

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

So glad I binged the first eight episodes of Famous In Love season two on Freeform this past weekend. While season one was meh, this season has really nailed it!

Get it! @ :   

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