Monday, May 11, 2020

Sign O' The Times

I just want your extra time and your, Kiss
Selma Blair & Ron Carlson

Hello Minions, in case you are wondering it's Monday. This photo of Selma Blair and her guy Ron Carlson sharing a kiss while waiting for coffee in Studio City, CA perfectly captures a moment in time during this point of history of the world.

I mean come on, nothing says pandemic more then a masked kiss in public between two love birds. Except for perhaps the bird that is attacking people in my neighborhood. Yeah there's a bird who obviously is aggressive about defending it's nest even though it's up in a tree and the sidewalk is three feet away from it, when people walk by the bird starts making loud nasty noises and then comes at you. It pecked me and one of my neighbors (and more I'm sure I don't know about) in the back. So there's that going on too.

Too bad it was too frantic for me to catch a photo of, so now I walk on the opposite side of the street from the side my apartment building is actually on. Meh.

Enjoy your Monday, "Yes" it's Monday, really I promise 😎

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