Thursday, March 8, 2018

Michael's Musings

Want Me To Give U My Pearl Necklace???
Michael Shinafelt
"If I gave you diamonds and pearls, Would you be a happy boy or a girl, If I could I would give you the world, But all I can do is just offer you my love" - Diamonds and Pearls, Prince

This past Sunday the Oscars happened. Today is my Mom's 79th Birthday. Tomorrow is Friday...and the beat goes on.

If you were a dream, what dream would you be? It's time for me to cut loose, footloose with my most random of thoughts. You know you want it!

Frances McDormand had her Oscar stolen while enjoying her win at an after party. WTF was the perpetrator planning on doing with it?! Seriously!

Do you feel dirty now that you are out of the womb?

Fine as a swine, oink!

This shit is why I was a dropout debutante

I would like to expand a little on Barbara Streisand cloning her dog. I don't get the point of cloning, it's not like you can clone a living things soul.

You gotta get outta town and just grow those eyebrows back

There is a Good Witch in my life, of the male variety

So I took which Real Housewife of Beverly Hills are you quiz. I got Lisa Rinna. The more you know.

Adam Rippon, Adam Rippon, Adam Rippon
LA Zoo Story
Me & Mom
Happy Birthday to my Mom, Jan Shinafelt. Love you!

Yep, I have now officially lost 30lbs and counting, mic drop!

I am supposed to report to Jury Duty on Monday FML

Sometimes you need a mid-morning nap with a side of booty

Keeping it alternatively real, is there any other way???

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