Thursday, August 16, 2018

Michael's Musings

Make a Pass at Me
Michael Shinafelt

"Trades her soul as skin and bones, Sells the only thing she owns, Woman in Chains" - Woman in Chains, Tears For Fears

While I am not a woman, nor am I in chains - this classic Tears For Fears song has been playing on loop in my head of late. Why??? I dunno - Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone...speaking of which...

The first rule of Michael Shinafelt Club? Don't interrupt me while I'm boxing 

Emma Stone Talks - winner of weirdest byline of the week 

Have you ever heard Aretha Franklin sing opera? YouTube it minions, it's amaze balls!

Morphing, it's a thing

DeAundra Peek, Peeks at whom you may ask? Find out by clicking on the link below -

Let's get naked!

"Trump’s fight with Turkey better not fuck up my Thanksgiving dinner" - Comedian, Tony Tripoli 

Pretty In Pink

F#ck She's 60!
Never thought I'd live long enough to state this - Happy 60th Birthday Madonna!

The Big Picture 

Since I'm no longer a Bear...

I bequeath your ass

There was a boy, a very special boy - note the operative word is was

When all else fails, F#ck it!

Bend over and pick up the soap for me at:

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