Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Buffy The Harley Quinn Slayer

Harley, Buffy, Harley, Buffy
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Tomorrow is Halloween, and what would the hallowed day be without an appearance by everyone's favorite vampire slayer Buffy aka Sarah Michelle Gellar? I ask you? C'mon I'm asking, gimme an answer...whatever.

See Sarah Michelle as bad grrrrrl duo jour Harley Quinn at the Good+Foundation's third Halloween bash (say that three times fast!)

With all the reboots happening on TV I personally would love to see Buffy get one as I often wonder when I am in a quandary "What would Buffy do?!"

Can you imagine Buffy still kicking vampire booty as a grown ass woman? The possibilities of a more mature Buffy are limitless, not to mention off the chart intriguing...

Happy day before the most wonderful time of the year! "No" I am not referring to Christmas although it is already being shoved down our collective throats and the high holy day hasn't even happened - Grrrrrrrrr...

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