Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018
So this weekend, like many, I saw the current incarnation of Halloween starring the fantastic Jamie Lee Curtis. What a clever idea it was to abolish all the other sequels and make a direct one to the original 40 years later.

While I don't review movies I would like to give you my thoughts on this one. To put it enthusiastically this is the sequel that the original 1978 Halloween deserved/deserves!

Every little thing about it is just right from the atmosphere to the tone. Jamie Lee Curtis is dead on as traumatized woman suffering from PTSD. Too bad they don't nominate performances from these types of films for an Oscar, since Jamie Lee deserves one for it!

Behind You! Behind You!
Jamie Lee Curtis & The Boogeyman aka Michael Myers
This movie is also quite meta, there are many references to the 1978 classic as well as a wink and a nod to Halloween III: Season of the Witch - "yes" some kids wear the Silver Shamrock masks while out and about tricking peeps for treats.

Michael Myers is still as terrifying as ever and I just loved this movie! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

There is only one quibble I have with it. The "New Loomis" what was up with that cornball fake accent? Seriously?! 

I give Halloween a five knifes up, out of five! 

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