Saturday, October 20, 2018

OZG: Rihanna

Bad Ass To The Bone
With the countdown to Halloween in full force I'd like to show my support for one Rihanna. Who Turned down performing at the upcoming Superbowl in support of Colin Kaepernick

(Yeah, we now get Maroon 5 instead (meh) - bur considering why that happened I'm down with it.)

This is  a balls to the wall decision that I respect and admire her for. Thus it seems fitting to back her today all dressed up for Halloween as, what else? A Zombie Gangster, naturally.

"Yes" Rhi, Rhi is the OZG (original zombie gangster) and the grooviest of all the ghouls in this truly appropriate for the season and her current political stand get up.

Bend it like Rihanna this Season of the Witch and let loose your OZG, OWG or OG with a rebel yell!

Tis' a mere 11 more days until Halloween - you go ghouls!

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