Sunday, October 21, 2018

Michael v Mariah

Separated @ Birth
Mariah Carey v Michael Myers
Saw Halloween 2018 yesterday. More on that tomorrow...I know I am late to this, but since Mariah Carey is one of my least favorite delusional celebrities I just had to run this, today, right here right now.

"Yes" kiddos Mariah and Michael Myers were separated at birth. Oh Mariah let me count your detached from reality and narcissistic bullsh!t ways. 

Well for starters there was that one time on Access Hollywood when you were embarking on your tour and you proclaimed your dog's name was Jack in case those of us "living under a rock" didn't know it. I could tell you weren't joking.

Then there's the time when I quote: "If you die you've lost a very important part of your life." Yeah, she's pretty scary. Need I continue? No I just can't.

She also had an amazing voice which has gone down hill in recent years. Due to the fact she is not in touch with any sort of reality and never took care of it. 

Dear Mariah, I am not one of your fans! 

Halloween 2018 on IMDB:

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