Monday, October 15, 2018

M.E. Franco Is Horrifying!

The Night SHE Came Home!
M.E. Franco
Here is comes again, ya know, Halloween - which means it's time for me to have my Holiday chat about the most hallowed time of the year with fellow horror enthusiast and author of the supernatural "Dion" book series M.E. Franco!

Much like Norman Bates' Mother, M.E. is off her rocker...just the way we like her!

MS: If you were a serial killer, which serial killer would you be and why? (this can be fictional or non-fictional)

ME: Dexter, hands down.
I'm Number 2!
MS: Who would you cast in films as the male leads in your Dion series of books?

ME: That's a tough one. When I write, I have a character so completely formed in my head, it's hard to pick someone else to play them.

MS: Are you watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse? If so gimme your thoughts?

ME: I haven't watched the last few seasons, but from what I've heard, I may binge watch this season. Sounds like it might be worth checking out.
What's Angry, Horny & Red All Over?
MS: OK, Satan offers you the chance to sell your soul for everything you have ever dreamed about. But there is a catch (you know Satan) you offer a sacrifice of something living. What, or who would that be?

ME: Does it have to be someone I like? I'd happily offer him the neighbor lady behind me. She's a hag, and she's mean to her pets. I'd happily "This is Sparta" kick her into the pit.

I'm Your Boogeyman!
Jamie Lee Curtis & Michael Myers
MS: Excited for the Halloween movie? (I am!)

ME: YEEEEEEESSSSS!! I can't wait!

MS: What's most scary to you being locked in a cell with Hannibal Lecter, or having dinner with Donald Trump?

ME: Better to eat dinner than be dinner.
Let's Have A Kiki
Jason Vorhees
MS: If you click your heels together three times and say Jason Vorhees, Jason Vorhees, Jason Vorhees what happens?

ME: Suddenly, no one wants to go camping with you anymore. Whatever.

MS: Ever encountered a Werebeaver?

ME: You just made me laugh so hard. Thankfully, no. No zombeavers either. LOL
"A Naked American Man Stole My Balloons"
David Naughton (looking good)
"An American Werewolf in London"
MS: Did you ever fantasize after seeing An American Werewolf in London that David Naughton in Werewolf form would come in at you for the kill and then all of the sudden revert back to his human form and be standing naked in front of you?

ME: Enough times that I think he probably could have gotten a restraining order.

MS: What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

ME: I almost got abducted in the 4th grade. I was walking home from my friend's house, when a man pulled up next to me in a white car. He said my parents had been in a car accident, and he'd been sent to pick me up. Thankfully, I had just turned down my street, so I could see that both of my parents' cars were in front of our house. When I told him that, he took off. It wasn't until after he left, that I realized what he was doing., so I ran home and told my mom. That scared the crap out of me for a long time.

MS: Treats are so overrated. Name a favorite tricks you have played on someone.

ME: We took my grandmother and great-aunt on a tour of Alcatraz at their request. At one point during the tour, they put our group in a solitary confinement cell and closed the door, so we could see how dark it was. I took the chance to grab my great aunt in the butt with much gusto to freak her out. Unfortunately, in mid grab, I saw the flash of a camera. I'm sure some poor family got quite a surprise when they got their vacation photos developed.
"You Poor Unfortunate Soul"
MS: What Disney villainess would you most like to be?

ME: I love the ocean, so I want to say Ursula, but damn she's mean!

MS: Finally what do you want on your Tombstone (I am not talking about the frozen pizza)?

ME: "She always made us laugh."

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