Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Witch Is Back!

Sandy Zacky
There are a few traditions every Season of the Witch here at Entertain Me and one of them is to acknowledge The Supreme. "Yes" that's correct fiends, we give tribute to EM's resident vocalist supreme Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky.

Every Halloween her stirring rendition of "Witchcraft" appears to put a spell on you and this year is no exception.

What's that you say? Nothing magical is going to take you over? Ha! I've heard that one before and trust, you will not be able to resist the magic of The Supreme. That's why she has the title, duh.

It's time to hitch a ride Sandy with a "Y" not "E" and take a journey of the musical kind - is she a good witch or a bad witch? Does it matter? Not really as long as she has "Witchcraft" to guide you.

Surrender creatures of the night and feel the magic below...

Join Sandy's coven at the links below:  

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