Friday, October 26, 2018

Could It Be Hot Pink Satan?

They're Hot, They're Pink...Could They Be Satan?
Clea Cutthroat & Jeremy Creamer
Why "Yes" it is Hot Pink Satan Friday here at Entertain Me. In case you aren't familiar with these minions from Hell, well here's your chance to get it:

Hot Pink Satan is a dark electronic adventure. HPS is Clea Cutthroat(Bonaparte) & Jeremy Creamer a.k.a. allinaline (DAATH, Chimaira). They joined forces in 2017 to create HPS, a blend of beats, noise, hooks, and sexual hellfire.

Their debut album Spells drops, well, today. Thus I asked HPS front woman, one Ms. Clea Cutthroat to name five of her favorite spells and give us the 411 on how she casts them. R U Ready?! Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus & All That Jizz of course U R!!!

1. Purple Paint Protection Spell: For this spell you will need a red cup filled with royal purple paint, salt, a towel, and a crowd of people.

Put on Hot Pink Satan’s UTI, stand in the center and use the salt to draw a circle around yourself. 3 times chant “U suck, go Die, U gave me a UTI” take the purple paint from the red cup and smear it all over your face and body. Now hurl yourself into the crowd of people. Watch in amazement as they scream and scatter. So mote it be. 2. Keep Nipple Tape on During Shows Spell: For this spell you need brick dust, black electrical tape, a photo of Wendy O. Williams, and red chili peppers. Prepare the bowl of dried red chili peppers and present it in front of your picture of punk goddess Wendy O. Williams. Take 4 pieces of electrical tape, make them into 2 “x”s and place in front of alter. Sprinkle brick dust thru the tape. Ask Wendy for her guidance. So mote it be

3. Blood Spell for Youthful Skin: This spell is guaranteed to keep you looking 10 years younger, and you don’t even need to murder like Countess Elizabeth Bathory. For this powerful spell, begin by burning sage at your altar with a picture of the Goddess of the crossroads: Siouxsie Sioux. Prick your finger and mix 3 drops of your pure blood into a cup of strawberry flavored fake blood. Smear this magical ointment all over your body and let dry as you listen to Hot Pink Satan’s album, Spells. When done, shower and revel in the magical results!
4. Spell for a Bountiful Booty: For this spells you will need a pair of stiletto boots, a black lace thong washed in holy water, and a protein bar. Play “Squirt” in the background as you put on your thong, and boots. Pour a cup of holy water (or Florida water) over your head, and squat in stilettos for the duration of the song. Repeat three times. The next time you see Clea, give her a handshake of respect. So mote it be. 5. Guides for Hot Pink Sexual Magic: Sex Magic is a classic High Magik and should be done when one is ready to “receive”. Light 3 red candles, anoint yourself in a bath of sandalwood, rose petals, and 6 drops of blood. Take a microphone chord and wrap it around yourself 6 times thinking to Clea Cutthroat, and focus on receiving blessing of sensual delights from Hot Pink Satan. Clea has a special magic that she can help you climax even when not present in the room. Praise the Fantasy! So mote it be.

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