Thursday, May 3, 2018

Michael's Musings

Take On Me???
Michael Shinafelt
You know the old adage "Don't poke the bear?" Well this bear, done got poked this week. 

Would  you like to know what happens when such a thing goes down? I know you are curious, all the popular people are. To find out this and how other fantastic beasts are faring read on! 

PS Gold's Hollywood, you are welcome for the free plug included in this column 

Dear Kanye West - if you think slavery is a choice, then your mental state is too.

Today's tongue twister: "Someone was caught half naked in the Queen's bedroom" - Queen being an open for interpretation sort of term. 

Whatever it is, I'm sure your opening monologue will cover it

Is there anybody out there?!

Horny guys need love too!

Lisa Vanderpump gifted Kyle Richards with a $3,000 Channel Bag after she loses $1 million in possessions (including bags) in a home burglary. Who says chivalry is dead???

Shout our to my sister Susan Waters who turns the big five-oh this coming Tuesday, that's May the 8th. Welcome to the tribe sis! 
"Come Alive"
Traci Lords
My friend Traci Lords is also turning 50, on Monday May the 7th. In honor of that she is releasing her new single "Come Alive" - "Yes" I've heard it and no you can't until Monday. Stay tuned for our upcoming chat. 

I am the black jeep of the family 

Behold the Dirt Bike Bitch - subway graffiti at it's most random

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels

Blake Lively stopped following her husband Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. "Yes" that was random.

I will survive, but will you?

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