Thursday, August 23, 2018

Michael's Musings

 But Can't You See What I See?
Michael Shinafelt
David Pevsner
For some reason the words invalidate and impeach keep running through my head this week. I wonder why? Think about it, and if you have to think about it too much, I don't know you. It's time to face the music, or eat it, depending...

Life, it's better than Kindergarten, or perhaps not, the decision is yours

Damn you McDonald's two for five!!!

Revisited Pretty in Pink at a retro screening upon the roof of The Montalban Theater in Hollywood this week. They don't make em' like the used to "sigh"

Some of you are too young to remember this but The Blacklist star James Spader used to be hot

I am no longer the nip slip queen. I am now the perky princess - carry on...

Joavani, you whores!

Love me hate me, all the boys and some of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy 

Coupon F#ck

Tragic wanna be bride, party of one

Not joking, I had an Uber driver named Kum once 
That Tickles
Jane Fonda
Hitting the Johnny Ramone Tribute this Sunday @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery - they are screening the camp classic Barbarella with Jane Fonda - can't wait!!!!

Would you care for an Anubis statue with your classless ass?

I can not condone Monster Truck Shows

Stud Subbing, it's a thing 

On that note be my sub @ -   

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