Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cool Daddy Alert!

Who's Your Daddy?
Liev Schreiber & Kai
This image of Liev Schreiber and his 8 year old son Kai, dressed as Harley Quinn at Comi-Con in San Diego yesterday is presently an Internet sensation. Of course it's because Daddy Schreiber let his male offspring dress as a female comic book character. This of course automatically gives one new insight into who Liev is, one Cool Daddy!

Now of course there is a lot of people making statements about the photo saying how great it is that Liev is accepting of his gay son etc...the thing is at this point it is pretty much an assumption as I don't believe Kai has come out and there has been no statement issued to that effect.

While, it is a pretty safe conclusion to draw, it could also mean he simply likes strong female figures, or maybe he will end up being a cross dressing heterosexual. 

Sexuality is such a fluid thing especially in this day and age when people are allowed the freedom to be more open about it, so perhaps it is a little early to label an 8 year old boy especially one that the only thing the public really knows about him is that he has a Cool Daddy who let him dress as Harley Quinn.

Think about it, but not too much, OK?

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