Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourthing Hard

Fourthed Hard!
Justin Theroux & Laura Dern 

Normally when a Holiday is over I stop posting about it. But I decided to give the 4th of July one last go. Why? Because I saw this cool image of two of my favorites Justin Theroux & Laura Dern via Justin's Instagram with the caption "Fourthing Hard." Thus today's byline, naturally.

The main reason I thought to use it is sort of silly, sort of cool, sort of me Charlie. It's because Justin used some of the many graphics available on Instagram to add to his duo photo. I love that feature in "The Gram" and use it with frequency in my stories section. Sometimes recycling the image on my actual page or other places.

Now if only Justin would caption one of those magnificent images of him freeballing with something really can dream can't one?

Justin on Instagram:   

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