Wednesday, July 26, 2017

That's So Random, Traci Lords

It's been a busy time for my friend Traci Lords, why just yesterday a fashion campaign she is in for Helmut Lang dropped (refer to the photo above.) Not to mention she has her own successful line of clothing with the title Pin-Up Girl.

As if that isn't enough she has been busy at work on the TV show Swedish Dicks which premieres on PopTV August 9th.

Well, Traci stopped by to respond to 10 random things I threw at her, hey that's what friends are for. Ready? Of course you are...

OK Traci, here we go!

MS: Swedish Dicks

TL: Fun with Dick & Jane! Popping up August 9th on PopTV. Find your channel at

MS: Helmut Lang

TL:  Rebel

MS: Martini, Gin or Vodka?

TL: Dirty. Gin.

MS: Pin-Up Girl

TL: Forever

MS: Swedish Meatballs

TL: Salty Devils

MS: Wanda Woodward

TL: OG #restingbitchface

MS: French Kissing

TL: Never on Mondays

MS: Fashion

TL: Whore

MS: Garbage

TL: sisterfromanothermister

MS: Beat It Creep

TL: John Waters Mustache

Thanks Traci!

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