Monday, July 3, 2017

Hit The Beach!

Beach Boy Pin-Up
Zac Efron
I recently saw the Baywatch movie. Now before you judge let me make clear it was at a screening on the Sony Pictures lot, thus it was free, no charge, zero dinero. 

Also it starred my Boy Zac Efron, as if I would turn down spending 90 minutes looking at him in a bathing suit, not!

What was that? Did I like it? Surprisingly enough the answer is "yes," it wasn't great or anything but it was stupidly entertaining.

Let me give you an example by telling you my favorite line in it. Zac keeps inverting two letters while spelling a word (that I can not remember) and is asked if he is dyslexic, he replies: "No I'm Caucasian" Now you are getting the idea of what kind of movie it is.

So naturally Zac is my official beach boy pin-up for the summer, behold Zac in all his glory and worship him accordingly. 


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