Thursday, July 20, 2017

Michael's Musings

Give It A Name
Michael Shinafelt
"Come on everybody, I say now let's play a game, I betcha I can make a rhyme out of any body's name. The first letter of the name' I treat it like it wasn't there" - The Name Game, Shirley Ellis 

For some random, yet most likely not one this song came into my mind this particular week. I am not about or above calling names when they are deserved. However I am responding to the timelessness of this song and it's many interpretations. Especially the iconic performance of Jessica Lange's rendition of it on American Horror Story: Asylum.

This week we play the name game.

Male sure you always wear underwear. You don't want your "V" on TMZ

Don't make me unleash the powers of the underworld  

New Acronym DAB = Dense Ass Beotch 

I'd like to indict on more than three pubic hairs and a confession

Sometimes you need to do push-ups with someone on your back

Porn for the paranoid 

Seriously?! Who Dressed You?!
Mariah Carey
Dear Mariah, WTF?! Get a new stylist and some glasses that are preferably not rose colored

Traci Lords coming soon in "Swedish Dicks"

I have something most guys don't 

I played an online avatar game where you push Donald Trump off a cliff into a volcano, laughed every time I did it, I couldn't keep track of how many times that was

Sometimes: "You kicked my ass" is always the correct response 

My name is Hyena I am 26

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