Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dudley Saunders, "Jesus Didn't Love Us Enough"

Dudley Saunders

One of my favorite artists, Dudley Saunders, has just released a video for his song - Jesus Didn't Love Us Enough. Read the statement below from Dudley himself: 

After a year of performing multimedia-style in IN THESE BOXES, I decided 2015 is about releasing all the videos I used.  Plus.  Meaning every two weeks until my entire catalog is up.

Here's the first one.

Now, back to work on the next video!


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Viva LA! @ The Well

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the music event Viva LA! at The Well downtown Los Angeles.

The Well is quite the hipster place it's a clothing store, beauty salon and event venue all rolled into one. Oh and they really do know how to throw a party!

I can't praise my Viva LA! experience enough with an indoor and outdoor stage that allowed one act to perform while the other was setting up, is genius.

With some top notch musicians on the bill such as Ariel Beesley, The Planters and Slutever, The Well put on one cool event...Share in the fun with pix I took from last night below. Happy Monday!

Ms. Ariel Beesley Hitting the Ukulele

U-Hauls: They're Not Just For Moving

Rock Out With The Planters

Let's Get Some Shoes!

Me & The Awesome Ariel Beesley

Experience The Well at: http://www.thewell.la/

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miley Cyrus, Wants To Talk About Sex...

Before you think this is Miley acting all wild and crazy again to get our attention, well you are sort of correct in that assumption, but not completely...
One of my favorite artists is getting her sex talk on because she's the new face of MAC Cosmetics' iconic Viva Glam campaign. Sales from a hot pink lipstick and lip gloss created by Cyrus benefit the MAC AIDS Fund.

"I think the way sex has been made to be seen as bad or guilty, I think it's just opening up that conversation that's saying if you're doing it, protect yourself. And I think young people need to be talking," She states.
Miley visited the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Youth Center to meet homeless youth and to educate herself more on HIV prevention. 
She shared that when you walk in, there is a bowl of condoms right there. You didn't have to ask.
Ms. Cyrus is proud to be part of the Viva Glam campaign because it isn't about profit, it's about giving back
"You don't see me kind of doing this stuff very often," She notes.. "I'm not the person to go out and say, 'Buy my lipstick,' or 'Buy my this, or, 'Buy my that.' This was something I obviously didn't mind saying...and kind of shamelessly plugging because it's going towards such an amazing thing. Every penny of it! It's not halfway going to help and halfway paying someone's salary. It's a hundred percent!"
Miley, I think you're awesome! 

Viva Miley! at: https://www.macaidsfund.org/

Friday, January 23, 2015

T.G.I.F! "One Step"

One Step
And now for something completely lovely and unique, have a terrific weekend!

ONE STEP is a collaboration between the French director Clément Oberto and L.A.-based electronic composer John Tejada.

Shot in hyper slow-motion with a phantom camera in the Mojave desert, ONE STEP speaks about love, time and life trajectory. 

"After 10 years working with composers, I realized the best way to create a strong match between music and video was to start the collaboration at the earliest stage possible and leave all the doors open," says Oberto.

With ONE STEP, Tejada and Oberto deliver an audio-visual poetry located at the exact intersection between short film and music video.

John Tejada is in the midst of promotion for his upcoming album, Signs Under Test, out via Kompakt on Feb. 3, 2015. Look for the Feb. issue of German Mixmag for the 8-page cover feature (!). Or hear tunes around the globe from the BBC to KCRW.

Clément Oberto has directed and produced a myriad of work, with a peerless vision focused on the creation of distinctive universes for everything from haute couture and art, to commercials and music videos. 

Check out Oberto and Tejada's Collaboration below, you'll be glad you did!

John Tejada Online: 

Clement Oberto Online:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Julianne Moore Dishes On Madonna's "Body Of Evidence"

One Of These Women Is Not Like The Other: Julianne Moore & Madonna 
Remember when Oscar Nominee, Julianne Moore starred in a film with Madonna? If you are a Madonna fan I am sure you do, if not a possible "maybe" is a logical assumption.

Once upon a time Madonna, in a Basic Instinct age decided she wanted to compete with the then hot Sharon Stone who played a clever murderess who used her brains and sex as a weapon in the hit movie. 

Thus Body of Evidence was born. Being a big Madonna fan then, I saw it opening night. It's one of those "so bad it's entertaining" movies that you never get tired of watching. I even have the one sheet of poster art that was KO'd by the studio on the wall where I live, yeah a collectors item.

Ever wonder how she and Madge got on? Well wonder no Moore (yeah, that was a pun) - She recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen went for it!

Cohen inquired whether she was nervous slapping Madonna during one of their scenes, Julianne said: "I was actually super nervous. I actually didn't even make contact."

Moore continues, "It was a fake slap, but she wasn't talking to me because she was being very method-y,"she added "I felt nervous and scared. I didn't want to hit her at all."

Julianne also reveals, "She was playing the girlfriend and I was playing the wife and we were supposed to be enemies."

Hey Julianne hope you win the Academy Award for Still Alice!

Julianne Moore on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000194/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1

Madonna on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000187/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kim Richards "Revenge" This Sunday

Watch Your Back Hamptons, It's Kim Richards!
Revenge is one of the most uneven, frustrating shows I have ever followed. Every season contains good episodes and bad ones, the week to week quality of the show is like a game of darts sometimes it hits sometimes, OK most of the time, it misses.

The last two weeks episodes have left me underwhelmed. Yet I continue to watch and there is added incentive this Sunday as one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards guest stars.

Richards is what drew me to watch RHOBH in the first place as she was a child star when I was growing up. She starred in one of my fave Disney films ever Escape to Witch Mountain. So there!

Obviously Revenge felt the need to call in a drama pro for some extra trouble and Kim is a perfect choice to do just that!

Richards will be playing Stephanie, a society lady and friend of Victoria's (Madeleine Stowe), who is a member of Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) Southampton Beach Club. 

Will Stephanie will be carrying some secrets in her purse? Do you really need to ask? She and her friend Heather each have a secret or three and they're willing to pay good money to keep them on the down low.

So Revenge you have managed to rope me in for one more Sunday by choosing a cleverly well cast guest star. Guess who will be back for more? Yep, me, it's a no brainer. 

Get your Revenge at: https://www.facebook.com/RevengeABC  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Margaret Cho, Fashion Plate

Cho: The Solitaire 
Hey Cho Ho's, yeah there is something else Margaret is up to beside dominating the world on the Golden Globes.

Ms. Margaret has designed "The Solitaire" jumpsuit for women (and Drag Queens, I assume) - 

The “All About Sex” host has teamed up with San Francisco-based clothing line and crowdfunder Betabrand to launch the hooded onesie. The outfit has plenty of storage to hold your daily essentials. It’s described on the site as having two front pockets, two back pockets, a zippered chest pocket and one hidden chest pocket. The current retail price is $160.

“I created The Solitaire because I wanted the perfect outfit. I wanted something that could carry all my essentials: my credit card, cash, ID, lipstick, keys, and smartphone. I want to walk the earth freely without a handbag or anything else to hold me back from my journey, my destiny"

Margaret also comments: “Enter The Solitaire: a gorgeous, figure-flattering jumpsuit that you can wear anywhere, for any occasion.You can dress it up, with heels and jewelry, or you can get really sporty with it via combat boots and a matte lipstick. Anyway you dress it, you look amazing. All your stuff sits neatly in the zippered pockets. You can take on the world with both hands. Rock The Solitaire. It’s all about you.”