Friday, September 30, 2016

Film Buff Friday: My Way

Grrrrrrrrrrl Power!

A collision of Anvil! The Story of Anvil meets Thelma and Louise

"Adding to the authenticity are onscreen comments by rockers 
Steven Adler (Guns N' Roses), Rikki Rockett (Poison) and Chip Z'Nuff (Enuff Z'Nuff)"
The Hollywood Reporter

Meet Rebekah Starr, a small-town girl stuck in a mid-western corporate life. Yearning to break free, she ditches her briefcase for a Les Paul guitar and hits the highway. Destination? Los Angeles' famed rock 'n' roll Sunset Strip. 

Although Rebekah's marriage is failing, this is not some alternate fantasy life she's escaping to--it's her burning passion for music that can no longer be suppressed. On her journey, she serendipitously meets and befriends rock legends Steven Adler (Guns N' Roses) and Rikki Rockett (Poison). 

A witness to the power of passion and aspiration, My Way chronicles the hugely entertaining path one woman takes to pursue her seemingly impossible dream.

"Rebekah Starr is the perfect protagonist; she is a gutsy feminist and a talented musician. Audiences will be glad she made a bold statement by waking up one morning, and escaping her stagnant life!"
-- Independent Film Quarterly

After winning 5 top awards on the film festival circuit and receiving a theatrical release in New York City and Los Angeles, My Way now comes to DVD & VOD on 11/4.

"★★★★ A kick ass girl movie with a side of rock star!"
-- Santa Ana Movie Examiner

"A good film filled with... adventure, sex, fun and music!"

The DVD can be ordered now at the  MVD Shop or on Amazon.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Freeballing w/Justin Theroux

Look Ma No Hands!
Justin Theroux
We all know what freeballing is don't we kiddies? Well in case you don't it's when a man isn't wearing any underwear beneath his shorts, sweats, pants etc..thus the term free-balling, think about it, but not too long, OK?

Some guys were born to unleash the Kraken for everyone to stare at. In the case of genetically blessed The Leftovers star Justin Theroux it should be a requirement he never wear any undies to conceal his anaconda, never! It would be a crime against humanity.

I mean wow! Check out the capture above from his HBO series and tell me that is not one package you would like to open.

OK, enough of Justin and his bad boy antics it's time to focus on having a productive and terrific Thursday. Step away from the computer, come on, now!!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Michael's Musings

Love A Man In Uniform?
Michael Shinafelt
Yes, it's that random day of the week I get to bridle you in and make you submit. Who's Your Daddy? If you said Michael Shinafelt, welcome. Other answers will be considered a very naughty mistake and you know what that means...

So with my thoughts and impressions from the last time I posted this, until now, here I go, and there is nothing you can do about it!

Special thanks to Vika Zal for getting me into the invite only screening at the Irish Film Festival in Los Angeles of "Handsome Devil." A wonderful coming of age gay themed film. See it if you get a chance.

To Naama Kates my lovely date for the evening: Tayin' in the Santa Ana Wins...

OK, as you all know Entertain Me endorses Hillary Clinton. Here is one beef I have about her supporters who aren't me. You bag on Trump for his instigating of hate and then turn around and post on social media that anyone who doesn't support Hillary can stop following you, remove themselves from your friends list etc. Food for thought.

Missing someone's spunk, is that a thing?

I was unable to attend Folsom in San Francisco this year. Thanks to the world wide web felt like I didn't miss a thing. 

Ever Notice Donald Trump and Heat Miser are never in the same room?

"Cheers to our hairless vaginas" - shit Gwyneth Paltrow says

Scream Queens is back for a second season. I really don't want to extrapolate.

Oh ye of little hype. Today I just realized by flipping channels that Project Runway is already two weeks into it's 15th season.

There's someone for everyone. Yes, really.

Enjoy your "Hump Day" I know I plan to ; )

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Number 4 With Some Meat Loaf

Like a "Bat Out of Hell" Meat Loaf is "Braver" at number 4...!!!

Grammy Award-winning musician and acclaimed film, TV and stage actor Meat Loaf has another hit on his hands as his highly-anticipated new album, “Braver Than We Are” has debuted at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Current Albums Chart and at #4 on their Rock Chart this week. Working closely again with longtime collaborator Jim Steinman—a key to the magic of multi-platinum selling albums “Bat Out of Hell” and “Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell”—Meat has recorded ten songs written by Steinman—featuring the first song he ever wrote in a storied career to the most recent. 429 Records released “Braver Than We Are” digitally, on CD and vinyl in the U.S. on September 16.

Exclusive CD with 3 bonus tracks featuring Imelda May on a new orchestral version of “I Would Do Anything For Love”

Deluxe CD/DVD –

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Barnes and Noble CD & Colored Vinyl Exclusive

Fan Bundles featuring CD, Vinyl, Posters and T shirts!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

What Happens In Vega$...

Want To Join Us?
Sting, John Stamos & Taylor Lautner
What happens in Vega$, for the most part, usually stays there. Luckily in this case this shot of hot three way Sting, John Stamos & Taylor Lautner didn't end up in one of the proverbial holes in the desert. 

The three stopped to strike a pose backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival held at the T-Mobile Arena in Sin City this past Saturday.

No word on what they did post photo I stated above for the most part what happens in Vega$ pretty much stays there. Damn! 

Now if you'll excuse me I have some serious fantasizing to do.

Happy Monday!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Celebrating Pin-Up Girl With Traci Lords!

OK, so here is the 411 on this past Friday September 23rd, I went to the launch of "Bad Girl" Traci Lords clothing line for Pin-Up Girl at the boutique in Burbank, CA with one of my partners in crime Ms. Jackie Kilmer.

It was an awesome evening! The clothes? Well if I were a woman they would definitely be my groove! Oh, and don't forget there are T-Shirts available for all you guys out there who are Traci fans too. So rather than me going on, and on, here are some photos from a really great evening "Beat It Creep!"
Designing Women
Traci Lords & Laura Byrnes
Robert Hensley & Traci Lords
Giving Good Face
Michael Shinafelt & Traci Lords
Photo: Robert Hensley

"Beat It Creep!"
Traci Lords & The Pin-Up Girl Gang

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Morning Coffee

Morning Has Broken
Sharon Stone

It's Saturday morning time to wakey, wakey eggs and bakey...and of course a delightful cup of liquid crack otherwise known as coffee. For me it would be tea specifically Tejava, whatever it is you use to give yourself that morning jolt, let's face it we all use something, it's time to get it together and start your day, now, yes, I said do it and do it now!

Most of us should be so lucky to bend our ayems like one Ms. Sharon Stone pictured above on an outdoor patio that feels more like she is on luxury vacation than at her house reading her "Morning E-Mails" as she captioned the image.

Personally my morning experience is a very average one in comparison. My alarm sitting on my desk wakes me, I get up turn it off and flip on the light next to it, turn the computer on and get cracking on my routine all within the confines of my bedroom. Shocking, I know, right?!

Hey Sharon, can I come do my morning routine at your place sometime???

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