Monday, August 31, 2015

One, Two, He's Coming For You...Wes Craven

The Man of Your Nightmares
Wes Craven
"The first monster you have to scare the audience with is yourself" - Wes Craven

One of my favorite filmmakers, Wes Craven has passed away. He directed Meryl Streep in her Oscar Nominated role in Music of the Heart and one of my favorite popcorn thrillers Red Eye with Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy.

However he will always be known for his works of horror, most notably the high profile Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream films. 

I remember when both came out. Each was heralded as contributing something unique to the horror genre.

Scream with it's unique blend of wit and scares revived horror movies at a time when the genre was pretty much dead.

As a huge horror fan I thought I had seen it all, but nothing could have prepared me for the opening scene of Drew Barrymore being stalked and ultimately murdered. It was truly frightening on every level you could imagine, her dying merely feet away from her parents gasping for air and trying to get their attention will stay with me forever!

A Nightmare on Elm Street was notorious for making people afraid to dream. It truly was the stuff sweet dreams aren't made of.


Wes on IMDB

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anything Goes: The VMA's

Get Your Tongue Off My VMA Miley Cyrus!
"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!" - Bette Davis as Margo Channing in All About Eve

That's right MTV's Video Music Awards are on tonight with Our Lady of Cyrus, Miley hosting. So that means anything can happen when she hits the stage and as you know, anything will!

Executive producers have been proactive and prepared a delay for her and lots of wide shots for audience reactions. Way to work those ratings people!

With live performances by Nicki Minaj, Macklemore, Pharrell Williams, Tori Kelly and many more planned it is a music lovers buffet.

Aside from the hostess with the mostess, or is it host with the most, sorry Miley I know you have stated you feel more like a guy than a girl in the past...the other wild card of the evening will be the coming of Yeezus!

That's correct, Kanye West will be accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, prepare thyself. 

Here's hoping Taylor Swift makes an appearance during that moment and there's no Bad Blood!

Tune in or be square to the MTV Video Music Awards tonight at 9/8c on MTV, duh!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Something "Wicked" This Way Comes

 Photo By  Andrew Macpherson


"Wicked!" Chris Isaak is performing in Nashville on September 1st! I have seen Mr. Isaak live and he's da bomb! He also has an album of new music coming in November - 'tis the season of Chris Isaak...!
Chris Isaak’s  new album  FIRST COMES THE NIGHT  produced by Paul  Worley (Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum), Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell) and longtime Isaak collaborator Mark Needham will be released on Vanguard Records on November 13th. Recorded primarily in Nashville and Los Angeles, FIRST COMES THE NIGHT is Isaak’s 13th studio album consisting of 12 new songs.  A second configuration - a deluxe version with five additional cuts - will be released simultaneously.  It is Isaak’s first recording of all original songs in over six years. FIRST COMES THE NIGHT is the follow up release to Isaak’s critically acclaimed 2011 BEYOND THE SUN, his breathtaking tribute album to Sun Records, Sam Phillips and the visionary artists who helped shape the early sounds of rock n’ roll.
Commented Isaak on his upcoming album: “I totally enjoyed recording in Nashville – a city filled with terrific musicians and what an honor to work with such great producers.  As for the new songs, I like to mix it up so there’s some dark ones, funny ones and romantic ones. You have to absolutely play these songs after the break up while you’re cleaning the house.”
With a stellar reputation as one of the best and funniest live performers out there, Isaak, a non-stop touring, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, actor and talk show host is heading to Australia momentarily to take on the role as one of the panel judges on the new season of X Factor Australia.
Isaak’s vocal style has garnered enormous acclaim and his songs have been featured in numerous films including “Blue Velvet,” “Married to the Mob” and “Wild at Heart.”  His vast repertoire of long-running hits include “Wicked Game,” “Forever Blue,” “Baby did a Bad Bad Thing” and “Somebody’s Crying.” He has appeared on many TV shows – most recently “Hot in Cleveland”, has acted in several films and starred in Showtime’s The Chris Isaak Show and the Chris Isaak Hour on the Biography Channel.

This Tuesday, September 1st, Isaak is scheduled to perform on the 9th Annual ACM Honors taking place at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Truth About Krista Allen

Krista Allen
One "Significant Mother"
The lovely and talented Krista Allen is currently starring in Significant Mother airing Mondays on  the CW, that is one of the absolutes you know about her.

But there is something you may not know, a truth that may catch you off guard, but one that will make you laugh.

Yes, that's correct Krista is quite witty and her Facebook posts nail whatever subject she addresses.

Any time that Ms. Allen posts on Facebook is a day I LMFAO! Hey, she's a giver who is always there for her friends, gotta love that!

Recently she came up with a comment that should be considered that last word on how to explain PMS to a man. Yep, guys this should nail it for you, and to all to women reading I am sure you will concur. 

Now that I've built your anticipation here is the quote verbatim, Krista Allen with the final word on the monthly visit.

"Last night, I cried during Snakes On A Plane. If anyone wants to know what PMS feels like, now you know."

Hilarious! T.G.I.F! 

Find out more truths about Krista at:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

15 Minutes: Kristen Taekman

Look We're Jogging, Yeah Right...
Tori Spelling & Kristen Taekman

Your star is fading, you are officially the most Boring Housewife of  New York City who was only mildly interesting the first season you were on because your husband was condescending and rude to you.

This season there are no scenes with your spouse and you simply become like a gnat, annoying, but quite insignificant.

What do you do Kristen Taekman? You want to be signed for another season, you need to do something that will make you an is what she did.

1) The Ashley Madison scandal is big news, latch onto it.

2) People will believe your husband Josh Taekman is a member if you say he is given his past behavior to you on The Real Housewives of New York City.

3) Was Josh really a member? Maybe, but it really does not matter.

4) Stand by your man, because that secures even more publicity and public scrutiny.

5) Lastly be seen "jogging" with Tori Spelling who noTORIously aired her and Dean McDermott's cheating woes in a reality show too - in what was clearly a set up photo op, to lend credibility to the situation. 

Hey you might even get your own show to do the same.

Any questions? I didn't think so. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get Some "Soul" At Sea


Cruise Franchise Is The Latest StarVista LIVE Series
To Reach Capacity Long Before Sail Date


Did you know there was a "Soul Train" cruise?! Neither did I, heck I wouldn't even think anyone remembered the show? You learn something new all the time...

StarVista LIVE announces that their 2016 Soul Train Cruise has officially sold out. The 2016 Soul Train Cruise voyage sold out faster than all predecessors, reaching capacity more than five months prior to its Caribbean departure on January 30, 2016. The cruise will include performances by the greatest names in R&B music and features special guest, the iconic Smokey Robinson. The 2016 Sailing also includes The O’Jays, The Whispers and more, along with exclusively curated on board experiences that bring fans up close and personal with the stars performing on the ship. The Soul Train Cruise is the latest in a string of popular live entertainment travel experiences that StarVista LIVE has launched in the past five years, joining the Malt Shop Memories CruiseThe Country Music Cruise and their newest, the Flower Power Cruise.

“We are thrilled with how quickly StarVista LIVE has become one of the cruise industry’s greatest success stories,” says Mike Jason, StarVista LIVE Vice President of Live Entertainment. “Three of our franchises (Malt Shop Memories Cruise, The Country Music Cruise and Soul Train Cruise) consistently sell out months in advance and our newest, the 2016 Flower Power Cruise, was just launched this year and is well on its way to being the fourth. Fans have turned out in droves for the star-studded performances and special events and activities we develop just for them that bring them close to the artists throughout the journeys and create new memories that are every bit as vivid and lasting as the ones that brought them on the ship in the first place.” Soul Train Cruise Creator and Executive Producer Michael Mitchell adds, “This year, StarVista LIVE came into its own and with it the success of The Soul Train Cruise. The vision for the cruise has been non-wavering, breaking through to firmly establish it as a must-do vacation. With a new ship, The Celebrity Constellation, all new ports of call never before visited on any Soul Train Cruise and a fantastic lineup featuring the iconic Smokey Robinson, The O’Jays, The Whispers, Billy Ocean, and more… the 2016 cruise will be better than ever.”

In response to the overwhelming success of the current StarVista LIVE cruise franchises, several new concepts are in development and will be announced in the coming months. Each travel experience will feature the top-of-the-line entertainment and events, luxury and service that StarVista LIVE has become renowned for.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Pink Flamingo With Shay Mitchell!

Shay Mitchell Sunning Pink Flamingo Style
What would we do without Instagram? We would never find photos of celebrities enjoying summertime, naturally.

So here I am checking out pages and what to my computer strained eyes did appear? Why Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell and one inflatable Pink Flamingo hanging in the sun!

What?! Why do I follow Shay on the internet? Because those who know me know what a huge Pretty Little Liars fan I am - and Shay is terrific as Emily Fields on the show!

Not to mention she looks amazing in this shot, but that goes without saying, I mean seriously the word "Pretty" in the title of the show says it all.

The mind does wonder what draws Shay to flamingos, is she a John Waters fan perhaps?


Follow Shay on Instagram, because I said so at: