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Do It Clean With Jack Mackenroth

Do It Clean With Jack Mackenroth

"I've got a handful of this, What do I do with it
I've got a barrel of this, What do I do with it

I do it clean" - "Do It Clean" Echo & The Bunnymen

Project Runway star and HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth is her to help you clean up your act!

His latest campaign in the fight is "We Are ALL Clean"  #weareALLclean - It's a selfie crusade of you, yes you, contributing an image of, who else? Yourself in the shower.

So grab your bar of soap and let's do it clean, with Jack!

MS: You've had HIV for a long time, at what age did you contract it?

JM: I was diagnosed when I was twenty-one, but my serio-conversion happened when I was nineteen or twenty. I've had it my whole adult life.

MS: Does the length of time you've had it inform the way you present yourself as an activist to people? It's not flippant in any way, but you have a sense of humor, also your videos are very friendly and accessible.

JM: Yeah, I've been through enough of shaming and discrimination, all of that shit. Negativity doesn't work so...people have gotten on my case saying: You're trying to glamorize it, or being slight about it. Well you know what? I know my truth and fear based education does not work. What do you tell these kids today? They get HIV and they don't care. I'm like listen, you don't want it, it's natural if you get it. First of all get educated and get tested because now we have fucking PREP to make you not get it. There's all this other information out there, so if were not talking about it, the stigma, fear and discrimination are going to keep people from not doing what they need to do to keep themselves and the community healthy. There are a lot of HIV positive people who reach out to me that are freaking out and I always tell them "You're going to be fine, just go to the doctor." If you catch it early and you take your medication like you are supposed to your going to be fine. The other good news is we now know that if you do take your meds and your viral loads are undetectable that you are also not contagious. 

                                                              "You've Got This"

MS: Early detection and taking your medication is important. If you do both everything will be fine.

JM: Well I credit my long term survival to luck and intuition. I come from a medical family my Dads a doctor and my Mom is a nurse and we always had a pill for everything. When I was first diagnosed there was only AZT, they were all fairly toxic, but I liked taking something that might work. Back then a lot of people were waiting and not taking the meds available because they thought they were toxic - the doctors recommended that you wait until your T-Cells fell below 250 and then you would go on the meds. They now know in retrospect that was a horrible idea, when your immune system is that depleted you can't come back. Where as if you catch it immediately and go on the medication you are totally fine. 

MS: What your doing is great, it really is designed to make people feel comfortable.

JM: Thanks I appreciate that. I think we as a community get enough negative messaging from people straight and gay saying things like " Shame on you how can you be positive at forty eight, don't you know better?" and I'm like "Fuck you!" I haven't done anything you haven't done, Straight people always have unsafe sex and they could very well have HIV it's just not as concentrated in the straight population. So don't judge me.

MS: There seems to be less of a stigma than there used to be.

JM: Well it depends on where you live and who you are around. There are still people who are my age and have had it for a decade who are still weird about telling people. That's just not me I'm horrible at keeping a personal secret anyway. Fuck I told everyone on national TV when I did Project Runway. (laughs) 
MS: So talk about your current project We Are ALL Clean.

JM: I literally just launched today - that's why I said Oh my God I need a break and called you. I'm working with this gay social media outlet called MOOVZ and they're very big in Latin America. It's sort of like Twitter meets Facebook, I'm not very good at it yet, it's also big in the Asian market. They are six hours ahead of me, and the other kid involved is a model/actor/dancer named Chris Salvatore he lives in Los Angeles so he is three hours ahead of me, so putting this all together is like a cluster fuck (laughs). 

MS: Yeah I know about those cluster fuck type things. (laughs)

JM: So I had this idea, I thought: why isn't there an ALS ice bucket challenge for HIV? There should be. I've worked in non-profits and stuff for a long time and have done different fundraisers, it's really hard to raise money for it now because nobody sees the urgency anymore because people are not getting sick like they used to. We decided to figure out an HIV challenge that was media savvy and celebrities would be like: Another excuse for Kim Kardashian to show her ass, and would possibly have the legs to catch on. I posted my photo at noon today and it's blown up already, my twitter feed is exploding! Queerty, Instinct Magazine & The Huffington Post have all ran it. That's in the first day so I am hoping that's a good sign. 

MS: Taking a shower selfie and using it to fund a cure for HIV is a fun idea! I saw some negative comments already on Queerty about using sex to raise money. Fuck that, there is nothing wrong with it, it sells and it works.

JM: Queerty is known for their negative commentators. Unless you are a sex addict and it becomes a problem in your life, having sex is healthy. 

Join Jack & take the shower selfie challenge for HIV, I did. Find out how to participate or donate at the link below:

Find out more about Jack at:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enjoy The Silence, Pentatonix

PTX: Peace Is Heavenly
With the world spinning around in all directions for better or worse,  it's always nice to take a moment for a little peace.

Pentatonix have just released the video of their version of Silent Night off of the gangs smash hit Holiday CD That's Christmas To Me.

Take a break from the chaos of the world around you and enjoy this beautiful rendition of the Christmas classic.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember, to quote the late great Maya Angelou

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”

                                                                   Silent Night

Have a peaceful Holiday with PTX at:

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Paging Katy Perry For Superbowl 2015

Who's That Girl? Katy Perry That's Who
While checking out E! News this morning the headline that stood out to me the most was the Katy Perry would be performing the iconic half time show for 2015's Superbowl.

Now I am not saying Katy Perry sucks, I have liked a few songs she has done, Firework for one comes to mind. But she, at least to me, does not really have the cache of a Beyonce' or a Madonna. Her career is pretty feather weight by comparison.

Oh well, not my company not my choice of who to use. While I am sure her performance will be entertaining I'm just not sure it will reach the potential high that viewers expect from this yearly extravaganza.

Tune in and find out when Superbowl 2015 airs!

Hang with Katy and kiss some girls at:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get Sassy, With Vassy

Vassy & Crystal Waters Are Hustlin'
"I was in the high school choir and was told I couldn't sing. Then, years later, that teacher heard me singing on a national radio station and ended up writing an apology letter, which is kind of funny." - Vassy

This quote is from a full length interview I did with the sassy Vassy for Chorus and Verse about her single "Beautiful Day."

Cut to it here:

Well the Australian born Ms. Karaglorgos, her last name, recently went number #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with Hustlin'The song pays homage to Crystal Waters’ nineties house classic, "Gypsy Woman."

Crystal Waters has come out in full support of the record, even appearing in the song’s music video. 

You've come a long way Ms. Thing! Check out the video after the jump!


Hey, it's Vassy at:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Patricia Arquette, Straight Up

So Cool: Patricia Arquette
I have always been a fan of Patricia Arquette's. Whatever she is in she adds that extra level that makes it something special. A few of my personal favorites: True Romance, Ed Wood & David Lynch's Lost Highway.

Aside from her considerable acting talent I also have a love for the fact that she is a humanitarian and stands up for what she believes in.

One of my very favorite reports about her is how the producers of her hit series Medium requested she lose weight for the role. Nobody hits the point better than Patricia when her response was a firm "No" as she countered that her role was that of a housewife and a mother who would not look like a Victoria's Secret model.

I happened upon this tidbit between her and another favorite actress Mom of mine, Amy Adams on Jezebel here is what the site printed:

Patricia Arquette:  I had a big fight with one paparazzo.
Amy Adams: I wish I had been there to have your back.
Patricia Arquette: He kept following us. And I said, "OK, leave us the fuck alone." And he goes, "Nice, mom! Good job!" I said, "I'm teaching my daughter. If a man is following you and you tell him to go away and he doesn't, you turn around and say, 'F— you!' as loud as you can." Because there's no difference. I don't care if he has a camera.

Awesome!!! The woman is teaching her children not to talk to strangers and just because you hold a camera does not make it right for you to approach a child in any way, shape or form. So yeah paparazzi Ms. Arquette put it perfectly: F#@k you!

Patricia on IMDB:

Amy on IMDB:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Troops Honor Kid Rock

Rock On! Kid Rock & Mark Woods

I've always knew who Kid Rock was, a successful Rock Star who was in a relationship with one of my favorite people & interview subjects, Pamela Anderson. However I had never heard his music...

That was until my friend, publicist extraordinaire, Ken Phillips gave me one of his CD's. Listening to Kid Rock's music for the first time was a religious experience that made me a fan for life.

Well Ladies & Gentlemen it's time you know about his giving back to others who truly deserve your respect and gratitude, carry on...

Operation Troop Aid(OTA), a nonprofit organization which supports U.S. Troops, honored award-winning, multi-platinum selling humanitarian Kid Rock, last week in Nashville, Tennessee, with the 2014 Operation Troop Aid “Patriot Award.”

Presented annually by OTA to celebrities that champion the men and women serving in the American Armed Forces, the rock star was awarded the Eagle Trophy for his countless endeavors to support troops overseas and at local hospitals and for supporting numerous military charities. Well known for his role as an American Patriot, Kid Rock, has performed at various military bases and continues to meet military personnel at every concert appearance.

"Kid Rock is one of the most giving entertainers I have ever met,” says OTA founder and executive director Mark Woods.  "He really gets it…  Last year, Kid Rock challenged his fans to help raise money to send care packages to the troops.  In one short month, we were able to ship over 500 care packages just in time for the holidays. His art, legacy of family and Spirit of Patriotism is exactly why this award exists.”

Kid Rock joins past Patriot Award recipients Hank Williams Jr., Toby Keith, Darryl Worley, Aaron Tippin, Gary Sinise, Charlie Daniels, Mark Wills, and KISS.

About Operation Troop Aid:
Founded in 2004 by 21-year military veteran, Mark Woods, Operation Troop Aid provides entertainment initiatives and care packages for U.S. Service Members with revenue generated through professional concert promotions and public financial generosity. OTA is a nonprofit corporation striving to make a positive difference and inspire the Armed Forces by letting them know Americans stand with them. OTA is a certified IRS approved charity.

As an entertainment based charity, each year OTA selects and presents The OPERATION TROOP AID Patriot Award to an entertainer / artist that best exemplifies the spirit of Patriotic service to our Troops and Americanism in their art.  It does not necessarily reflect events in that year, as it may be a historical grouping of their achievements to promote our Troops and American Patriotism.  It is an award that embodies a sense of service, supporting our American Troops and an overall outlook of honoring our Constitution and promoting the Freedom that our Troops provide.

For more information on OTA, visit

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Margaret Cho "Busks A Move"

Margaret Hitting The Streets
Photo: Todd V Wolfson
Margaret Cho is walking the streets to raise awareness for one of her hometown, San Francisco's more pressing problems: homelessness.
Margaret stepped out on Monday to begin what she says will be a daily, two-month commitment to busk on the streets of San Francisco to raise money for the city's vast homeless population
Armed with her guitar case, Cho hit the road and busked a move with a handwritten sign that says, "If you have, give; if you need, take (please remember your fellow man)."
"We have a small amplification system and big hearts," Cho said on Facebook over the weekend. "We will make videos and I have some secret amazing legit superstars who will come and sit in with us. The homeless problem in SF is out of control and this is the least we can do."

What street corner will Margaret work next? Find out with her daily updates on Twitter.

Busk with Margaret in San Fran on Twitter: