Monday, April 27, 2015

Dudley Saunders: Wheelchair In The 7-11 Parking Lot

Hey, It's Dudley
Dudley Saunders is here with his latest video for the song Wheelchair In The 7-11 Parking Lot. Read his artists statement about it below -

"In mid-century Russia, he dreamed of escaping to America with his wife. But he ended up in the Gulag in Siberia, where he was starved and worked and beaten like an animal you hate.
And after years of this, when they saw how broken he was, they surprised him with a conjugal visit from his wife, in the House of Meetings. They knew he was too broken to do anything with her, and that this would break him further.
And then years later the Iron Curtain falls and he is released. And he moves to West Hollywood, California without his wife, who has long since passed. He’s old. And there he has all the freedom he ever dreamed of. But he spends his nights in the parking lot of a 7-11, watching other Russians on the make, fulfilling their capitalist dreams. He lounges in an old wheelchair he has found."

--Text from the multimedia performance IN THESE BOXES

Watch the video after the jump!

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Paint Your Nails For Bruce

Bruce Jenner & Diane Sawyer
Who knew that the simple everyday act of polishing one's nails could take on a larger meaning? Well it has...

Men are getting their Instagram & Tweet on and painting their finger nails in support of Bruce Jenner's transition to a woman.  #PaintYourNailsforBruce

The social media movement originated at KIIS 1065 in Sydney as a way to show solidarity with Jenner. Women are now joining the ranks as well. 
The KIIS Gang!
Nail polish was the chosen symbol of oneness because as Bruce pointed out in his interview with Diane Sawyer

"be able to have my nail polish on long enough that it actually chips off." 

Bruce Jenner has had the full support of his family and friends behind him, with this he now knows people have his back worldwide.

I think I'll paint mine black  #PaintYourNailsforBruce

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jared Leto "Suicide Green"

Love This Joker: Jared Leto
This has been making the rounds on the Internet, yep, it's the first image of Jared Leto as The Joker in the D.C. villains themed film Suicide Squad - Writer/Director David Ayer tweeted it on Friday night.

While some of you may be going: Yikes! I am going, bring it sexy! Something about this Joker makes me want to push myself to the edge and take the plunge!

Leto can even make evil & freaky, F#@king Hot! 

I'm especially loving the "Damaged" tattoo across his forehead, not to mention all the other ones one his body...I now know what I want for Christmas.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Evan Peters: Five For Five

Evan Peters Meet Tate Langdon

Evan Peters will be returning to American Horror Story for it's fifth season. This makes him the only actor to do the show all five seasons.

As we AHS fans all know Jessica Lange is bowing out this season. Although I have liked him in all the seasons my favorite character he has played on the anthology series is Tate Langdon from season one "Murder House." 

On American Horror Story: Hotel he will be playing a character know as: 

The Prowler, a mysterious young man that can be found hanging around the hotel and dark alley ways - in the early and present day segments.

Sounds like we have another Tate like treat from Evan.

Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Yay!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jazz Baby Jessi Teich Is #1!

All That Jazz: Jessi Teich

‘Real Jazz That’s Fresh and New’ 

 I wanted to send a shout out to one of my favorite artist Jessi Teich. She went number one recently on 420 -  Check out our full length interview below, congratulations Jessi!!! 

10-time international songwriting award-winner JESSI TEICH  hit a major milestone this week in her hometown of Philadelphia when “Sunday Morning,” from the New Jersey native’s stylish new Paris-recorded album, TWISTED SOUL (Madame Freak), landed at No. 1 this week (April 20) on tastemaker jazz station WRTI-FM’s (90.1) listener-voted“Jazz Hot 11 Countdown.”

“I’m really glad that someone’s doing something that’s real jazz, that’s fresh and new,” says WRTI program director Maureen Malloy. It’s things like these that are going to get young people interested in the jazz genre.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

World War IX: Hang Up Their Six Pack

World War IX: No Bottles Here...
"If One Of Those Bottles Should Happen To Fall" EP / Comic Book
Coming May 12th

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, how many World War IX's on the wall?

"WWIX doesn't radically invent punk, but they do fill the needed gap 
for nasty, sloppy, reckless abandonment that seems to have declined 
with the rise of the Internet." - John Gentile, PUNK NEWS 

What happens when the founding member of one of New York City's drunkest punk bands decides to hang up his six pack and go sober? Well, feast your eyes and ears on this crushing new 5 song EP and 32 page full color comic book, dual release behemoth, and find out!

Now armed with a lead guitar player, the songs that are nothing less than hook drenched, anthemic howls of redemption, bash sonic barriers previously unimagined by these blokes from Brooklyn.

And while you're putting the pieces of your blown brain back into your head, crack open the comic and gaze upon the tumultuous tale of what it was like for the band's fretful leader to tour across the U.S., a mere 90 days into his recovery from a life torn apart by his previous partners in crime, beer and whiskey.

"Brooklyn-based trash punks World War IX play sing/shout-a-long riddled, snarky-themed songs that are rarely longer than a minute and thirty seconds."   STEREOKILLER

"...Sardonic, hardcore punk in the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag."   BROOKLYN ROCKS



5/15 Philadelphia, PA--- Kung Fu Necktie
5/16 Charlotte, NC---The Milestone
5/17 Atlanta, GA---Dragon's Den
5/18 Nashville, TN---Betty's Bar & Grill
5/19 Louisville, KY---Third Street Dive
5/20 Cincinnati, OH---Last House On The Left
5/21 Pittsburg, PA---The Shop
5/22 Cleveland, OH---Spitfire Saloon
5/23 Buffalo, NY---Stamps

On Grady Core Records.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Charlize Theron, and She's In Leather!

Bad Ass! Charlize Theron
Actress and Seducer of Living Things Charlize Theron, did this hotter than Hell photo featured in W Magazine.

There is also an interview to go with it, no I didn't read it I was too distracted by this image to care what was said honestly. Although I am willing to bet it had something to do with her upcoming movie the awesome looking Mad Max Fury Road.

Sorry Charlize I know there is more to you than beauty but....WOW!

I used to work at United Talent Agency the house that represented Ms. Theron when here career first started. Even then there was a buzz about her. Her then agent the late and wonderful J.J. Harris sent out an excited E-mail announcing her arrival. Even then everyone knew she would be a star.

She has it all, beauty, talent & brains.

While I love Charlize in all that she does, I must cite my two favorite performances by her. Of course there is the obvious her Oscar winning turn as Aileen Wuornos is Monster. She also played the wickedest Queen seen outside of RuPaul's Drag Race in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Mad Max Fury Road looks kick ass, I can't wait to take the ride with Charlize and the rest of the cast on May 15th! Check out the awesome trailer below...Varooooooooooom!