Thursday, July 19, 2018

Musing's Musings

It's A Small World After All...
Michael Shinafelt
It's a small, small world...hey I am less than an "A" cup, ya know, after all - Thanks to losing 48 lbs!

Woweee...this has been quite the week! You know what I mean. Thus I present this message to all of you, let's have some fun!

F#ck Trump and in the immortal words of the late Starman David Bowie - "Let's Dance!" 

"Ain't it funny how, when I say let's go out, You're always saying someone else will get me What's a girl to do - I like to have fun too. But you're so jealous - you never let me" I Wanna Have Some Fun - Samantha Fox

Do You Roller Skate In Polyester Pants?

"Hey you, what do you see?, Something beautiful or something free?, Hey, you, are you trying to be mean? If you live with apes man, it's hard to be clean" The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

This one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my ____ "yes" it's fill in the blank time

Slower Than Usual
Ariel Beesley
Michael Shinafelt
Ariel Beesley, Ariel Beesley, Ariel Beelsey

Rama lama ding dong

My Booscratch aka My Sharona 

You can ring my bell, ring my bell...

Freak Out!

Let's go for a vacation in Funkytown

Come Alive with Traci Lords 

"I can't understand, What makes a man, Hate another man, Help me understand" People Are People - Depeche Mode

"Music makes the people come together" Music - Madonna 

"I need you, by me,Beside me, to guide me, To hold me, to scold me, 'Cause when I'm bad I'm so, so bad" Last Dance - Donna Summer

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" - Mike Clifford 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hump Day & Chill

Breakfast Of Champions
Neil Patrick Harris

With the heatwave an increasing need for a refreshing adult beverage is in order. What is more refreshing than a margarita, I ask you? "Yep" I figured you wouldn't have a contradictory response because margaritas rule!

Thus for this Hump Day & Chill not only do I bring you the divine drink called a margarita, I also bestow upon you images of Neil Patrick Harris on his vacation in Mexico imbibing them, shirtless and otherwise.

Now hows THAT for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Hump Day & Chill?


The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
Neil Patrick Harris
Heaven Is A Margarita On Earth
Neil Patrick Harris

Margarita Mania
Neil Patrick Harris & Friends

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Slower Than Usual

"Smoke Your Cigarette Slower Than Usual"
Ariel Beesley
Michael Shinafelt
"I fell in love with you last night, Wish I could take you home tonight
Oh, you dance so, so sweetly" - Ariel Beesley "Slower Than Usual"

Yesterday an amazing talent who I personally know, Ariel Beesley released a video for her hot, hot, hot single "Slower Than Usual" on -

I am so proud of this young woman who I once watched the movie Shrek (yeah, the first one) with at the age of...why don't you take today, Slower Than Usual?

Check out the bomb ass video after the jump!

Here is the 411 via
In 2016, San Fernando Valley-born singer/model Ariel Beesley was at a songwriting camp hosted by Aviici in Stockholm, Sweden. She met someone special but, as the story often goes, it wasn’t the right time to start something. What she did have was a moment. One night they were outside smoking and as she watched the cigarette burn, she wished she could make that moment last forever. And so the catchy pre-chorus to her debut single came to her, “smoke your cigarette slower than usual.” Beesley co-wrote the song with fellow camp-attendees Linnea Sodahl and Andreas Roos, and had it produced by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers).
The video was co-directed with her dad, director Matt Earl Beesley, and they tried to recreate the flavor of MTV videos she loved growing up. “When I write a song, I think about what the scene would be, the world in which the song would live,” explains Beesley. “I have always loved everything about the ’80s, especially the music videos. ‘Why is Debbie Harry performing in a room with no audience while the band jams behind her on telephone chords?’ I asked myself. Or ‘Why is Flock of Seagulls playing in a room of mirrors while two twins walk around?’ I loved it. For the ‘Slower Than Usual’ music video, I wanted to draw from those influences but make them modern.”

With an Ariel, we want more, more, more at -  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Just Because...James Van Der Beek

If I Was You, I'd Wanna Be Me Too
James Van Der Beek

Just Because It's Monday and I need motivation, Just Because there is nothing like waking up to a broken couch and Just Because damn he's fine, it's James Van Der Beek!

You know the eternally sensitive Dawson from the creek? While I never watched the shown (I suppose I broke some sort of a commandment by not doing so) - I am truly captivated by how manly and hot grown up James is in comparison to the younger version of himself.

See James all smiles leaving a taping of Live With Kelly and Ryan in NYC. Swoon at his masculine jawline with a touch of scruff. Dream that your body will one day look as good as his at 41 and beyond.

Yep, that Van Der Beek really did reinvent himself, his latest project Pose on FX really caught the media and public by surprise. 

Now about that cup of coffee I so desperately need right here right now...

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hot Tub Time Machine???

Fly On The Wall
Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber
This rather curious photo of Justin Bieber & Fiancee Hailey Baldwin in a passionate lip lock recently graced Bieber's Instagram.

What's so curious about an engaged couple making out you may ask? Well clearly there was a third party involved for the moment to be captured. Also whoever the individual was, they were soaking in the tub with the two lovebirds - right across from them I might add.

Talk about being a third wheel! Unless there was some sort of way to bend the laws of physics that enabled the Biebs to somehow capture the moment by utilizing the hot tub as a time machine...well you get the picture, and obviously somebody else did too.

So the real question of the day is, who took this steamy photo and how did the individual feel about being that close in proximity to the intimate moment?

Whoever it was my bet is it was a guy that shot it, think about it, but not too much.

Mic Drop!

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Silly Saturday

Mahna, Mahna
Kylie Minogue & Some Friends
Today I am feeling light and breezy, "No" definitely not easy and breezy...

Thus this image of Pop Superstar Kylie Minogue with The Muppets is exactly what one needs to take in on a Silly Saturday. I feel silly, oh so silly I feel silly and witty and bright. And I pity anyone who isn't me today!

Kylie took some time out to be a special guest on The Muppets Take The 02 in London, England recently and it looks like she had a blast. Thus in return I have put you all on blast that she is now Queen of the Muppets - Ha! Kidding, or am I.

Don't you love a good secret? Of course you do. Especially when it's Kylie Minogue's .

The tone has been set for the day, enjoy it!

Mic Drop!

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday The 13th

Ride Hard
Today is the day of superstition & Jason Vorhees, in other words break out the black cats and machetes and have yourself a Kiki!

Me on the other hand I like to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I I'm gonna make like Madonna seen here pedaling down the streets of London and hit the asphalt on my two wheeler.

Friday the 13th nonsense be damned, nothing is going to rain on this guy's parade. Seriously nothing is, there is zero percent chance of rain today in sunny Los Angeles, we are currently being held hostage by a heatwave after all.

Time to hit the shower and get my ride on!

Happy Friday the 13th... "Ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, ma"

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